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Beardaments St. Patrick's Day Beard Ornaments

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Let your green beard match your green beer!  The official Beardaments Beard Ornaments  include 12-pack of St Patrick's Day Beardaments beard ornaments.

Beardaments are better than the rest of the 'beard ornaments' or 'beard baubles' on the market because we use mini-clips to make sure those ornaments stay secured in your festive facial hair!

A 12-pack includes 12 shamrock St Patrick's Day ornaments.  Beard ornaments are also a fun gift to any of your bearded friends.   Beardaments are great for: lumberjacks, Grizzly Adams, fishermen, Abraham Lincoln, bearded ladies, pets, thickets of chest hair and anyone else proud of their facial hair!

Product will be delivered within about a week of date order is placed.  We have a limited supply of Beardaments and the product is selling fast so buy now!


"Love them! Bought them to put on my boyfriends beard to be funny. Little clips were a great idea!"

"I got it in mail yesterday and I actually ordered them to send to my friend in Bolivia! I will return and post a picture from him as soon as I get it! ;) I posted it on my Event page on Facebook for my upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! ;) "

"I ordered these Beardaments to wear to an ugly sweater party my company is having and they arrived within a couple days! They attach into my beard great, and the ornaments are the perfect size (less than half an inch wide) and are high quality, they shine! The mini-clips are nice, my beard isn’t very long and they still attach in the beard with no problem. Next I'll buy some for my wife and dog!"