The Beardaments Story

On a cold Christmas night in Salt Lake City, Utah; there was an ugly sweater party.  After a few too many glasses of eggnog, people started clipping items in Jason's beard, and Beardaments was born.

Since that memorable day, Beardaments has been on a mission to leave no beard un-decorated for the holidays.

Beardaments has already decorated 100,000 beards worldwide and counting! Shop among the light-up ornaments, beard glitter kits and other beard-related accessories to find your perfect holiday style.  Beardaments' unique products have received viral attention worldwide, and have been viewed online by millions.  Let Beardaments help YOU Season Up Your Beard for the holidays!


Beardaments Timeline

2015 - First year selling original beard ornaments (in a bag)

2016 - Packaging designed for original beard ornaments, and beard GLITTER was created and it got messy.

2017 - A couple dudes decided to put glitter in their beards and the video went VIRAL.  Beardaments received over 100 million views online and was featured across the internet including Cosmopolitan, Diply, VT, Good Morning America, and UNILAD!

2018 - Beardaments launched a new best-seller, Beardaments LIGHTS!  Now you can find your way from Grandma's on Christmas Eve in the dark!  Beardaments also got more SWAG, now you can get your beard shirts and hats to go with your ornaments.

2019 - Beardaments is going into the SHARK TANK!  Stay tuned to see how it goes.