1. How long does my beard have to be to wear Beardaments?     Beardaments beard ornaments work with most beard lengths, we recommend at least a length of a half-inch beard for maximum clip grippage.
  2. How long does it take to receive my Beardaments?     We try our hardest to ship orders next business day, please anticipate about a week to receive your Beardaments with our free US shipping.
  3. Will Beardaments stay in my beard?     We selected small clips with the 'teeth' close together, so your beard ornaments have maximum grip in your beautiful beard. To keep the Beardaments in your beard while sipping back the eggnog, try spraying them with hairspray after attaching them.
  4. Where else can Beardaments be worn?     Beardaments can also be worn in your hair, on your pets, in women's hair, they might even attach to your uncle's shag carpet.
  5. Do you ship international?    We do!  We ship via USPS First Class mail which is generally a 4-5 business day ship time to Canada and 8-10 business days to other countries.  We do have expedited shipping options at checkout.