With hundreds of positive reviews online, it's clear that Beardaments are the best beard ornaments on the market!  

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Here are just a few reviews from some of our thousands of satisfied customers:

"I bought this for my husband not knowing if he would love this or not. I just thought it was hysterical. Well when he opened up the package, he just looked at me like "What were you thinking?" But immediately put them on his beard. He wore them to his family's Christmas celebration, to Happy Hour with friends 2 days later, then to a friend's band performance at the local bar. Yep, he was the envy of all the men in the room, as he was loved by all the ladies. ;) What can I say, it was a great purchase. Happy husband makes a happy wife. :)"

"Ordered these for hubby's beard. I surprised him with them by asking him to close his eyes while I attached them. He got a great laugh. I had made him promise before they arrived that he had to wear them to a Christmas party next week. We shall see. They clip on easily, even where his beard is a bit sparse. Didn't pull any of the beard hairs and were easy to remove."

"Love them! Bought them to put on my boyfriends beard to be funny. Little clips were a great idea!"

"I got it in mail yesterday and I actually ordered them to send to my friend in Bolivia! I will return and post a picture from him as soon as I get it! ;) I posted it on my Event page on Facebook for my upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! ;) "

"I ordered these Beardaments to wear to an ugly sweater party my company is having and they arrived within a couple days! They attach into my beard great, and the ornaments are the perfect size (less than half an inch wide) and are high quality, they shine! The mini-clips are nice, my beard isn’t very long and they still attach in the beard with no problem. Next I'll buy some for my wife and dog!"